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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hating Work, Time to Join a Conspiracy...

A week and a half ago, my boss informed me that a client of ours informed him that the California Energy Commission needed an Application for Certification for a powerplant by Monday the 19th.

So, what did this mean? Well, as the AFC section for archaeology had not been written yet, I had to spend my weekend and several late nights during both last week and this week writing it (and by late nights, I mean 8 am to midnight work days). Mind you, this came on the heels of having been sent out to the desert for two weeks (which also required me working through a weekend prior to going to the desert in order to finish the projects what needed finishing at that time), and as my boss had family matters to take care of last weekend, that left me to do the work. And the project is still not done. So, I get to spend this weekend in the office with my boss trying to get the damn thing done. In the end, I will have had one weekend completely to myself in the last two months.

I am very tired.

And as if that weren't enough, I discover that a friend of mine has been secretly working with the fish to regain piscatorial dominance across the planet! Check it out:

...and as if THAT weren't enough, scroll down the page you'll notice that one of the people that she is pimping is none other than my homeboy Brian Fagan. That's right, Fagan's helping the fishy conspiracy. How could he?

Wait a minute, anthropology has led me to high stress, no free time, and alot of frustration. Fish, on the other hand, do nothing but swim, eat, spawn, and plot to take over the world. Maybe Brian's on to something.


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