The Not Quite Adventures of a Professional Archaeologist and Aspiring Curmudgeon

Monday, December 8, 2008

Morning in the Mountains

So, this is Monday filler, I suppose. I recently worked in the mountains testing archaeological sites for their eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places. While out there, I woke up early one morning and got these photos from the opening of my tent. I thought I'd share.


Chris said...

Y'know, as much as you despise camping and some of the wacky stories that result, there's something to be said about a job that gives you views like that first thing in the morning.

My job isn't all that bad, but I'd gladly trade places with you and would prefer to be out there than in here drinking wine at 7:30 in the morning (as strange as that might sound)...

Anthroslug said...

There are actually a few cool aspects to the camping - not enough that I'd want to do it routinely, but there are a few.