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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Milk, it....mythologizes a bad hair day?

What the hell? I mean, really, what the hell is up with advertisers?

I have to wonder whether or not the milk commercials wil be succesful, or whether they will simply become an embarrasement to the advertising company. But Youtube, sweet Youtube, will make sure that they are always available to us.


Kay said...

I was sitting next to you when we watched this... and my reaction now is the same as then;


Jairus Durnett said...

You find this ridiculous? You should sit in on marketing meetings. The general strategy is

1) Identify a trend or stereotype
2) Exaggerate the importance and pervasiveness of that stereotype beyond all reason
3) Exploit the stereotype
4) Dumb it all down
5) Dumb it all down again
6) Dumb it all down again
7) Design matrices to test the success of the new program that will be positive no matter what the outcome.
8) Now, give us 30% of your cash flow to put this in place.

Kay said...

Aye, I worked in marketing (thankfully not for long) and it was a lot like that. also a lot of "we must scare them into remembering they need us!"

Anthroslug said...

Jairus: Like Kay, I used to work with marketing and sales staffs, and I have seen things quite similar to what you are describing.

Kay said...

I just realized that the "we must scare them into remembering they need us!" stuff actually works in churches as well.....