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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Antarctica Bound Blogger

For those unaware, there is a contest underway, the winner of which will have the opportunity to cruise on down the antarctic way - and no, I am not a contestant.

The basic idea is that the blogger who receives the most votes in this contest will be sent way south to write about the experience. To that end, might I recommend that you take a look at the offerings of Grrrl Scientists?. She is, as her blog name indicates, a scientist - and evolutionary biologist in fact - who keeps an excellent blog about her work and her field. I recommend checking it out. And if you find her writing worthy, as I certainly do, then vote for her at the Quark Expedition blogger contest website. If she makes it on the trip, she'll be sure to write wonderfully thought-provoking and informative entries on her experiences as a scientist at the coldest continent.

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