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Friday, April 30, 2010


I am placing this one in the feed to let those who read this blog (all three of you out there) that, provided that Iceland has stopped spewing ash, I am headed to London - I have a few posts in the feed, ready to drop automatically (I hope - the feed screws up every now and again and doesn't post), but if you comment on any entries, I am unlikely to be able to respond until such time as I return.

I will be taking my special lady-friend with me, and we will see a few tourist sites, visit (hopefully) more than a few museums, and, if I get my way, spend quite a bit of time just wandering about. I hope to meet a few of my archaeological colleagues while over there (I will be sticking my head in at a conference in Cambridge), I plan on collecting a few ghost stories (one of my hobbies), and taking photos (another of my hobbies).

I'll return on the 10th, and will probably be boring you with descriptions of my trip upon my return.

Until then, here's my favorite photo from my last vacation, when I went to Tokyo:


Shawn said...

What fun! Let me know if you want some recommendations of things to do or see.

There's about a million-and-one things to do in London itself, but it can be worthwhile to get outside of the city too.

Anthroslug said...

Thanks for the offer, but we had a pretty full plate when we left, and as is, we only got to do a portion of the things we wanted. However, we hope to go back again at some point, so more ideas would certainly be great for the next go-around.