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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kaylia's London Adventure

Last year, I had to pursuade Kaylia to let me take her to Tokyo. This year, she was much more receptive, and so when I offered to take her to England, she was keen on the idea. So, on the last day of April, we boarded a plane bound for London, and had a hell of a great nine days. I have all manner of photos, but there are quite a few featuring Kaylia (who has been good enough to let me use her as the subject of many of my attempts ot learn photography), and here they are.

Let's start with some of the usual "taking nice pictures" photographs:

Then, of course, there are the sites to see. We visited Abney Park Cemetery (which I can garauntee I will write more about later):

The British Museum:

The Sphinxes at Cleopatra's Needle:

And we spent a day in Greenwich:

Kaylia stood on the meridian line, with one foot in the eastern hemisphere, and one foot in the westerm

We were there during the general election, which was rather fascinating, and Kaylia and I both took an interest in newspapers beyond what we normally would have during a vacation:

Kaylia's sister, who has been living in France for several months, came to England and met up with us:

We found a candy booth in Cambridge's open-air marketplace, and she took a liking to the giant, elongate marshmallows:

And, of course, every now and again, Kaylia will do the sensible thing and try to escape my presence. So, I have a growing collection of photographs of her walking away from me:

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