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Thursday, August 26, 2010

B Movie Love

Intermission from Glenn Beck's pseudo archaeological meanderings, I'll get back to it tomorrow...

I had a conversation with someone recently in which I tried to explain my love of B movies. They insisted that I simply liked laughing at other people's work, and that it was essentially a cruel endeavor. I disagree. Yes, there are some films that should simply be laughed at, but there are some that should be seen because they are simply so astoundingly odd that there is a great joy in seeing other people's very weird imaginations at work. You're definitely laughing with and not at the film's creators.

Basically, a movie that is simply bad is...well...bad, and not fun to watch. a movie that is bad but imaginative, well, that makes for great entertainment.

Consider the following screen captures from the movie Champions of Justice, and consider that the movie takes place in a world where things like what you see below are perfectly normal.

Taken from

I give no explanation, because the movie doesn't give one. The filmmakers want to take you on a trip to wackyland, where masked Mexican wrestlers are the only thing that stands between order and chaos. It's silly, it's fun, and while it's bad, it's a kind of bad that everyone can enjoy, and I seriously doubt that anyone involved in the production would begrudge me my enjoyment of this sort of thing.

So, next time that you think your local bad movie lover is simply sneering at other people, consider that maybe they are actually getting something good and fun out of the movie.

Okay, off this soapbox, and tomorrow I'll be back on my usual soapbox.

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