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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Traveling Again

So, after two weeks away from home for the first time since I moved to Fresno, I am now headed home. I last traveled for work back in October, and had become so accustomed to being away from home that, while I didn't sleep well (I never sleep well in hotels), I didn't sleep terribly either, and I developed routines to help me keep my sanity while away from home.

Now, I'm sleeping terribly again, and my routines are gone, so it's been an interesting couple of weeks. Still, I got to see some cool sites (including a 19th century train tunnel headed through a mountain, and a Native Californian campsite on top of a mesa), and meet some interesting people (my favorite being an 88 year-old man who had come from Mexico in his youth and done quite well for himself here, the guy was both charming and hilarious). And I have wandered through the desert, explored canyons, and climbed mountains. So, it was good to be in the field again after an absence.

I'll provide a lengthier entry later this week - I was busy this evening and couldn't write more - but as tired as I am, it is still good to be paid to head outdoors.

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