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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Indian Burial Grounds, Hilariously Revisited

I have written before about the tendency for people to attribute bad circumstances or allegend hauntings to a place supposedly being built on an "Indian burial ground". For those readers outside North America, there's a tendency for many on this continent to view the native peoples of the Americas as, essentially, mystical. This includes everyone and their Irish cousin claiming to be descended from one Native American group or another, even when such claims are tenuous at best, and often complete fantasy. It has also led to most of my fellow Caucasians assuming that the places valued by Native Americans are magical, and so it's not uncommon for me to find rock art sites vandalized by people attempting to "use the magic" of the place for their own gains.

It has also led to the idea that any frightening happening must be due to an "Indian Burial Ground" - after all, the cemeteries of Europeans and their descendants are creepy, so the burial grounds of people assumed to be magical must be really scary, right?

I think, though, that the Onion has now taken this to it's logical (and hilarious) conclusion:

Report: Economy Failing Because U.S. Built On Ancient Indian Burial Grounds

Ahhh, the would be so much less fun without you.

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Lynn said...

That's great... more evidence that religion is not being overcome by science.