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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Value of a Good Crew

I am doing a whirlwind tour of California - Sequoia National Forest yesterday, Oakland today, back to Fresno tomorrow, and then back out to Sequoia on Monday.

So, as described in my previous entry I described that we were anticipating freezing our posteriors off while doing fieldwork in the mountains.  The mornings were cold, though the afternoons weren't bad.  Some of the roads are covered in snow and/or ice, and we are staying in lodgings that one would compliment by comparing them to the Bates Motel.

And yet, it has been fun.

I have written before about the trouble of finding good crew, and it can be difficult.  But when you have a good crew, it makes life good.  Currently, I have a young archaeologist, someone who is just getting his feet wet, but is a fast learner, has an excellent attitude, and is excited enough about the work that he infectiously gets our spirits up.  I have an army veteran who finds that archaeological field work is somewhat therapeutic, is a hard worker, and is full of amazing stories.  And I have the son of one of my bosses who has never used the "my dad's the boss" excuse, is a hard worker, extremely smart, and is willing and quite capable of being the right-hand-man of the supervisor.

My boss's son, in fact, is heading to graduate school soon to earn the credentials to become a supervisor himself.  He will be excellent, of that I have no doubt.

All of these guys know their job, all can provide good suggestions that can change our strategy, but all understand the basic chain-of-command so that I don't find myself having to argue with them to get things done.  It is a pleasure to have these guys in the field.

Anyway, a potentially miserable situation has become an enjoyable one.  I am very grateful for this crew.

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