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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boom, Like That...

Perhaps you've heard Mark Knopfler song "Boom, like that", if not, here it is:

Great song, right. Who'd have thought that a song about the founder of the McDonald's corporation would have inspired such a great song?

Kay apparently decided that I was equal to such a treatment - I think it's because of my floppy hat. So, here's her lyrics to the tune:

Go’in to San Benito
Surveying land,
That’s my thing, now
This land is hot, but the works gotta be done
Working all day out in the sun, now

Oh my name’s not Mac, its Matt with a T
Like the thing out front where you wipe your feet
Well its dog eat dog, cat eat cat
Matt style,
Boom like that

Now walking this track ain’t no fun
Got another two days ‘till I am done, now
And then I get it, wham
As clear as day
My pulse begins to hammer
And I hear a voice say
BLM has got it made
We do the work but who gets paid?
These techs out here have got the touch
They don’t bitch or complain too much
Wham, bam
Our clients can pay
And we’ll walk this land
Survey our way
We could start a team,
just the techs an’ me
Heck, every little thing
Oughtta be supreme

Oh my name’s not Mac, its Matt with a T
Like the stuff they partied with in ‘73
Well its dog eat dog, rat eat rat
Matt style,
Boom like that

You gentlemen
Ought to expand
But you’re gonna need a helping hand, now
So, gentlemen
Well what about me?
We’ll make a little bit of history, now

Oh my name’s not Mac, its Matt with a T
I ain’t got a brother, yeah its just me
Well its dog eat dog, lets trim the fat
Matt style,
Boom like that

Well we build it up
And I buy ‘em out
But man they make me
Pound it out
They have new techs and technology
But I have flair and masters degree,
They lobby now for the central coast
But we slick steal their clients
Like buttered toast
Well sometimes you gotta roll like an S.O.B.
To make a dream a reality
Send ‘em east
Out to Nevada
And nice dry heat
California is the place to be
If you’re gonna study archeology

Cuz my name’s not Mac, its Matt with a T
I’ve said it three times, are you listen’ to me?
Well its dog eat dog, and a floppy hat
Matt style,
Boom like that

By the way - here's a photo of me in the floopy hat - looking particularly cocky and foolish:


Chris said...

Man, throw on a bomber jacket and a whip, and I'd swear you were looking for a lost crystal skull...

I'm Peter Graves - Thank you for not robbing my gravesite.

Anthroslug said...

Chris - you don't mess with the Peter Graves, muthatfucka!

Nancy said...

you are enshrouded in mystery.
and branches.

nice hat :)