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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos Galore

Because I have an ego the size of the Monterey Bay and I like tooting my own horn (really, why else would I be keeping this blog), I thought I'd show the fruits of one of my hobbies (no, not the tooting of my horn - I keep those fruits private). I usually have a camera in my car, and while I am in no way a professional quality photographer (hell, I don't even have a particularly good camera), I have managed to get some shots that I am proud of. I don't take too many pictures of people, because I'm not very good at it, but I like the ones in this post. Such as:

This one of Scott, Kirin, and Salome listening to music at a coffee shop. I like the rather screwed-up symmetry of the image, three people, and the photo is centered on one of them, which should create good symmetry, but because Salome is leaning forward, it doesn't quite work.

Or how about this one - Scott's explaining something, and Stacy is looking thoroughly unimpressed...

Again, a slightly screwed-up symmetry, this one due to the fact that Scott is partially out of the frame and I'm taking the picture from an odd angle relative to them, and I kind of like that.

I have no idea who this person is, but when I saw her leaning against the wall of the coffee shop, I figured it would make a good photo:
In this case, I like the fact that she is clearly unaware that her picture is being taken (actually, that's the case for all of these photos), and she clearly has other things on her mind. Add to that the fact that the photos is taken through a window, and I am looking over someone's shoulder (note the newspaper in the corner of the screen), and I think it makes for an interesting image.

Then there's vanishing points, which I make alot of use of when I am not photographing people, but are difficult to capture with people. However, this photo of Jeff and Scott watching miniature car races at the Santa Cruz County Fair came off nicely.

And finally, an image of Scott at a supposedly haunted hotel in Brookdale, off of Highway 9.

And that's all for now...though I am trying to figure out why Scott is in so many of my pictures. Probably because he seems oblivious to his surroundings, and therefore doesn't notice or pose when I pull the camera out.


Chris said...

Hah, we know what you're trying to do here! Hiring paid actors off the streets of Santa Cruz and having them appear to be your friends is stooping low, even for you. For shame! I mean come on, even the names you made up sound fake. Who would name a kid Kirin or Scott?

Nancy said...

but where are the photos *you* ?