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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teach the Controversy

I'm sure that many of you have heard the pro-indoctrination-into-religion-in-public-schools folks use the slogan "teach the controversy" in trying to get creationism (including the mis-named "intelligent design") taught in public schools - the implication being that there is a controversy over the truth of evolution, which, well, there really isn't.

I could write a lengthy diatribe about how this is really just people making up a non-existent controversy in order to further their own agenda without regard to the truth, and how if you're going to claim that there's controversy about evolution you also have to accept that there is controversy about whether or not UFOs built the pyramids - seeing as how the reasoning behind claiming there is a controversy in the science world over evolution is no different than the reason in claiming that there is controversy as to the pedigree of the pyramids.

But I'm not going to - someone else has done something that is much funnier, sums the matter up, and I really can't top:


I think I know what I'm gonna' be spending some money on...



Kay said...

Heee, I like the Earth Air Fire Water periodic table... awesome.

Chris said...

Cool! I hope they take food stamps. My personal favorite is the Poseidon shirt, but that's the marine bio geek in me...