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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dave Makes Arguments Fun!

Every time that the issue of evolution comes up in public, it seems that we hear the same false claims, tortured logic, misdirection, and outright fallacies from the folks who are opposed to it being taught as the fact that it is. With very few exceptions, most of the extremely vocal folks have shut off their critical faculties and are unwilling to actually hear what anyone else has to say, as that might cause them to actually think about the matter.

As you might expect, this leads to alot of frustration on the parts of people who actually know something about evolution. But my friend Dave (see the link at the left side of the page) has a solution. A new game that makes this debate much more enjoyable for those of us who are in favor of actually teaching science in science classes - Creationist Bingo!

For the original, go to:

A similar deal, specific to "Intelligent Design" can be found at:

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