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Monday, September 22, 2008

Drowning in Data

I am preparing a chapter in an upcoming book on Californian archaeology. The purpose of the book is to provide a cross section of the northern portion of southern California (which the locals erroneously refer to as "central California" despite the fact that it's not central), from west to East, starting with the Channel Islands and ending at the Sierra Nevada. I am writing one of the two chapters on the inland valleys.

I had thought that the chapter was due in November, and so I have been concentrating on writing another chapter for anotgher book by the same editor that I had thought was due in October. Turn out I had the due dates turned around - the larger paper (the one on the inland valleys) is due in October, and the second paper is due in November. Meanwhile, I have had a project in which we normally get lodging at a dormitory (the Hell Hole project) turn into one where we are camping (because the facility is being rented out by a third party during the time that we will be there). So, I have lost two weeks of writing time.

In other words, updates here will likely be sporadic for a little while, while I get the papers finished and do the field work for this project.


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