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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gasping for Air

Sorry for the lack of posts to those two or three of you who read the blog. I have been slammed for the last week with actual paid work, with trying to finish two papers for publication, and with trying to fulfill my obligations to friends and family.

Also, there's the matter of the ancient curse.

See, I was working in San Benito County earlier this year, and while I was working, I made fun of Kuksu, a Native Californian culture hero. Apparently, Kuksu didn't take kindly to this, and decided to place a curse on me. So, getting slammed with work, booking a hotel room in a nightclub, having my primary client lose 40 IQ points and become a blithering idiot, getting bit by a weird-ass flying insect that turned my arm into a water balloon, all of the chocolate in my neighborhood turning into carob - all part of the curse.

On top of that, my front teeth have begun to grow, and I now look like a WWII-era propoganda poster, except I'm blonde and tall. Okay, I look like a weird conglomeration of two different WWII-era propoganda posters. And my teeth continue to grow, soon I'll have to eat my soup through a straw.

And starting next week, I'll be off camping in the forest for two weeks. I know you LOVE camping and wish you had my job. The problem is that I don't like camping, and wouldn't be if the client had bothered to consider that they would have workers needing the dormitory facilities.

Yep, curse.

So, hopefully, before my teeth get any longer and my speech impediment gets any worse (you have no idea how much amusement I am providing to coworkers), I'll be rid of this curse, and will write more. But until then, my updates will continue to be sporadic.


Kay said...


Who booked the nightclub hotel room? Or is there another one I don't know about?

You just wrote all that so someone could make a "long in the tooth" joke didn't you?

ordinaryjanet said...

oh, please, post a photo of the growing teeth!