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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Love the Onion

Check this one out -
Darwin-shape stain on a wall.

A few favorite quotes:

Available for sale are everything from small wooden shards alleged to be fragments of the "One True Beagle"—the research vessel on which Darwin made his legendary voyage to the Galapagos Islands—to lecture notes purportedly touched by English evolutionist Alfred Russel Wallace.


"Over millions of successive generations, a specific subvariant of one species of slime mold adapted to this particular concrete wall, in order to one day form this stain, and thus make manifest this vision of Darwin's glorious countenance," Cosgrove said, overcome with emotion.

"It's a miracle," she added.

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Anonymous said...

I would recommend this video. It's got a shout-out to Darwin I bet you might not expect.

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