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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls

Hey, it's once again archaeology related. Wild!

Kaylia sent me the link to this article in the New York Times. The holders of the Dead Sea Scrolls are creating high-resolution digital photos to put the entire collection online.

This is cool for many reasons. First off, when things like this are made accessible, it increases public interest in archaeology and history, which makes my job easier and more fun. Secondly, this will allow more scholars to access the scrolls, which will allow more debate, which will allow a better understanding of what the scrolls mean to the history of western religions. All in all, pretty damn groovy.

I've got that nifty kinda' feeling that I always get when cool things like this happen.

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Kay said...

"constantly annoyed critical thinker"

Awww not "constantly" right? I mean you don't walk around in a perpetual state of annoyance... do you?

Because if so, you need to eat more red sugary goop.