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Monday, August 4, 2008

Landscape Photos

Well, I have been gone for the last week, working at a Hell Hole (really, that's the place's actual name - check it out). Between working out there and preparing a presentation, I've not had time to write any new posts, so here's some more photos - I know...lucky you (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [that's sinister laughter, by the way])

First up is this one that I took on a semi-cloudy day on the beach in Aptos. It looks like it belongs on one of the those inspirational posters that the Baptist families I knew growing up always had hanging in their homes. Too bad it was taken by an atheist.

And speaking of Hell Hole, here's a photo I took there during the Tahoe Fires last year. The smoke in the air created this really interesting red glow as the sun set:

I love playing with light in photos, and the more interesting the colors and textures, the more I enjoy taking the photos. The downside is that I tend to take photos of certain types of things again and again, such as a slough of sunset photos -

However, I have also found that I enjoy playing with reflecting light in images, and so bodies of water have become a constant source of photos:

That first one I especially like - something about the silhouettes of people int he image really works for me.

And, finally, I love playing with symmetry and vanishing points, so the appeal of this image to me should be obvious:

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Melissa said...

What great pictures. You might even be a better photographer than I am. Ha Ha